Taking on business ownership is an exciting decision, a chance to be independent and, hopefully, achieve the lifestyle you want. If you’re wondering how to get started in plumbing, you’re considering a high-opportunity industry. Many plumbing services are necessity based and therefore recession resistant.

When you join Mr. Rooter as a franchise owner, you have a roadmap for starting a plumbing business with a competitive edge. We provide you with a host of support services—whether you pursue a plumbing startup, take on an existing Mr. Rooter franchise for sale, or convert the business you already own. Learn more below about why and how to buy a franchise in our supportive system.

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Strong Start, Enduring Benefits

Wondering how to start a plumbing business, win customers, edge out competitors, and still find time for a life? It’s a difficult combo to achieve, but Mr. Rooter paves the way.

Here’s an example scenario:

When starting a plumbing business alone (as a sole proprietor), you start with no brand recognition and a huge to-do list. There’s market research to do, people to meet, marketing to plan, toilets to fix. With so much on your plate, you may hit a wall, unable to grow your business further without sacrificing your quality of life.

When you choose a Mr. Rooter plumbing startup instead, you start with a tried-and-true business model and an internationally recognized brand. From vendor deals to marketing strategies to day-to-day advice, Mr. Rooter’s support frees up your time to grow your business and enjoy yourself. See more ways our franchise is unique, or use our form to talk to us about opportunities.

How to Buy a Franchise and Join the Mr. Rooter Family

These are the paths to starting a plumbing business with Mr. Rooter:

Kicking off your plumbing startup is straightforward. First we answer your questions about how to buy a franchise and represent our proud brand. Then, after the investment, you go into Sure Start training and meet your franchise business coach. From there, our support is continual—we care about your success!

To discuss Mr. Rooter opportunities, connect with us here or call (888) 492-3396.

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